Rantalainen renewed the sales process of their financial administration services with the help of Koho PSA

The fresh and straightforward way of thinking convinced Rantalainen to choose the Helsinki-born Koho PSA as their partner. Besides the sales process of their financial administration services, the aim was to improve their operations as a whole.


Rantalainen is Finland’s third biggest financial administration service group. They have over 500 employees and about 12 000 customers. They’re located at over 30 localities around southern, western, and eastern Finland.

The sales process at financial administration firms have traditionally circled around merely answering inquiries. No one really thought about or developed their sales process before the big fish of the industry, such as Rantalainen, came along.

Rantalainen group’s director Kimmo Martikainen says, that the new PSA also enables changing their business model. Based on their customers’ wishes, their whole network will use fixed monthly prices in the future.

Invoicing doesn’t have to be done the hard way

Koho PSA’s CEO, Mikael Wallstén, states that accounting firms habitually invoice the hard way.

“The many variations of invoicing principles form a combination that is hard to manage, troublesome to invoice, and tough to sell.”

According to estimations, a chunk of accounting firms’ invoicing disappears because of human error. Accountants often forget or don’t dare to put all the work they’ve done on an invoice.

“By using Koho, you can be sure that every work phase ends up on an invoice. The system tells you what to do for each customer, not the other way around”, says Wallstén.

Koho PSA contains the whole process, starting from tenders that can be made into contracts. Next, task management makes sure that everything is done and automatically put on an invoice.

The customer-, contract-, and invoicing records hold all the information put in the system. Modifying and upkeeping information is easy. You can also see all the undone or invoiced work, or the monthly value of contracts with just one glance.

According to Martikainen, automated invoicing frees up an entire working day each month at Rantalainen, which can be dedicated to customer work.

“By streamlining our invoicing, the sales process has become more straightforward and customer experience has improved”, he says.

For more information:

Director Kimmo Martikainen, Rantalainen, tel. 040 555 8081 and kimmo.martikainen@rantalainen.fi
CEO Mikael Wallstén, Koho Sales Oy tel. 0400 971 119 and mikael.wallsten@kohosales.com

IT-Manager Toni Takala, Rantalainen, tel. 044 753 5706 and toni.takala@rantalainen.fi

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