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Accounting practice management software

Koho PSA is the most trustworthy and widely used accounting firm’s practice management software in the Nordics. Koho PSA already helps thousands of accountants and bookkeepers to manage their daily work and, most importantly, save time.

PSA software designed for accounting firms

The cloud-based Koho PSA software is purposely designed for accounting firms, from small business bookkeepers to corporate accounting companies. By using our software, which specifically caters for the needs of the accounting industry, you can be sure to have all the right tools at your disposal.

Effortlessly track and invoice all your work, manage your contracts and working hours, automate invoicing, and stay on top of your recurring work.

Don’t ruin your days by using Excel – make your working hours excellent with the help of Koho PSA.

Koho PSA for accounting practice management


+ 15 000 users

Koho PSA is trusted by both small and large accounting firms. In total, we are happy to provide services to over 15 000 users in the Nordics!

Top notch solutions

Speed up your accounting work and cash flow, and bring more security to invoicing with the help of Koho PSA.


Manage client relationships from start to finish

Streamline client communication, reduce billing errors, and improve customer satisfaction with Koho PSA’s all-in-one CRM and contract management solution. Easily customize tenders, track progress, and generate invoices automatically based on contracts to ensure seamless billing. 


Ensure recurring work is done on time

Streamline your workflow and boost productivity by creating custom to-do lists for your employees based on various recurring work items. You can easily track and prioritize tasks, ensuring that they are completed in the correct order. The added flexibility of being able to transfer tasks between employees as needed allows you to maintain a seamless workflow.


Work time tracking made convenient

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your time tracking with Koho PSA. With 8 convenient methods to record work hours, tracking employee working hours and flexitime daily is made easy. Work entries can be turned into invoices in no time. Generating invoices and payroll reports is thus effortless and you can get the work hours even as a run-in transfer file.


Maintain optimal workload and productivity

Maximize productivity and minimize workload imbalances with the comprehensive workload report. The workload report helps you identify who has capacity for more assignments or who may be overburdened. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure optimal resource utilization with real-time insights into employee workloads.


Automate invoicing and accelerate cashflow

Save time and reduce costs with the efficient invoicing system. Effortlessly track income generated by your products and contracts, create invoices automatically or with a few clicks and make sure that everything that should be billed, is billed. Enjoy seamless operations by integrating Koho PSA with your financial management system.


Real-time data helps you to make better decisions

Easily access essential reports in one centralized location and drive business growth. Quickly access essential reports in a user-friendly format with a few clicks, enabling company management to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Following figures in real time helps you to continuously improve your business and stay ahead of the game.



Ticketing intro

Effortless collaboration

Improve communication and collaboration between team members, clients, and partners! Our collaboration Portal and ticketing brings all communication and shared materials with your clients into one place. When everything is delivered to your work view, no time is wasted on searching for information from emails.

The Portal allows you to manage financial material centrally and securely with your clients. The Portal also includes ticketing, which brings your customers’ task requests and other communication directly on your work list. With the help of the collaboration Portal and ticketing you can centrally manage all communication securely and delegate work more effectively. All parties are aware of agreed actions and employees’ workflow stays efficient.



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What our customers say

Success through customization

Most software are often standardized with the idea that one size fits all, which in most cases is simply not true. Each company, even within the same industry, has their own way of doing things – we encourage you to be the best version of you.

Indeed, one of the main strengths of Koho PSA is its high customizability, also on the user-level. Therefore, no matter the scale of your company, Koho PSA remains user-friendly and ensures that you have the right tools to be successful at your work.

During the deployment, our team tailors the software according to your exact needs. In 99% of the cases we can do all the customization completely without touching the code. Our software already has a multitude of different presets for different needs, which makes the process swift and cost-efficient.

custom software

Integrations available with Koho PSA

Create an ensemble that works for you with integrations

Koho PSA aims to help your company with all the challenges it might face, but nowadays everything should not be handled by one single software. If the software has too many features, it can easily become too difficult to use – and instead of being powerful, it can end up with slowing you down.

With the help of integrations, you can build a powerful ensemble that works well together and assists you even better. We’ve listed some of the systems Koho PSA can be already integrated with. We also have our own API, and in case Koho PSA cannot be integrated (yet) with the system you are using, let’s have a chat!

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Koho PSA is a trusted partner of Finago and Taloushallintoliitto

Throughout our history, we have worked with some of the largest accounting organisations in Finland. Thanks to our ability to customize Koho PSA, we can make the software fit our customer’s needs. Both Finago and Taloushallintoliitto sell and distribute the service created by Koho PSA.





In co-operation with Finago, Koho PSA has developed an easy to use white-label ERP system for accounting firms. Procountor accounting firms use our Procountor ERP system, and it keeps track of the most important workflows and tasks.



Together with Taloushallintoliitto (Association of Finnish Accounting Firms), we have developed a cloud-based service for accounting firms used in contract management and to generate TAL 2018 contract documents. The software allows accounting firms to create framework contracts. It is free of charge for all member companies of the association.

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