Easy time tracking for accountants

Track your work time in a way that fits your accounting firm best! Koho PSA has 8 different ways to make work time entries, which you can also put on an invoice.

Time management and tracking are the building blocks of company’s functions

Make work time entries the way that suits you best and convert those entries into invoices with just a couple of clicks. On the move? Koho PSA’s time tracking can also be used on your mobile. Work time entries and invoicing details are updated in real-time.


Track work hours 

Track your employees’ work time and flexi-time easily and fulfill your legal duties. You can also make work time entries on the go with your smartphone. In Koho PSA, there are 8 different ways to make time entries.


Stay on top of recurring tasks

Manage your recurring tasks with Koho PSA’s work orders. Work orders are directly billable work time entries, that include progress and completion tracking. Read more!


Automate invoicing 

Koho PSA automates the collection of invoice data based on work time entries. With just a couple of clicks you can select billing-ready entries and send them to invoicing, quickly and effortlessly.


Monitor performance

Monitor working time and cash flow in real-time based on employee, customer and project. In addition to hourly invoicing, you can track the average invoicing of a project and project work hours.

Manage your work-time in 8 different ways

Koho PSA has two different work time clocks: one for tracking client work and another for tracking employee work time. The two clocks can be intertwined or kept separate. In total, there are eight different ways to make work time entries. 

“The best features of Koho PSA for us are the easy work time entries, effortless contract invoicing, and the timely flexitime tracking.”

– Sanna Metsänoro, Mediatili

Manage recurring tasks easily with Koho PSA’s work orders

The management of recurring work is done with the help of work orders found in the system. Koho PSA’s work orders are specifically created with accounting firms’ needs in mind. They can be used to manage and control work resources available to you effectively and to ensure that all the company’s work is done with invoiced and certainly completed.

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