A wide variety of integrations with other accounting solutions

Connect Koho PSA with your favourite software and avoid having to add same information in several programs.



Save time and money with integrations


Nowadays there’s a vast amount of different software and tools for companies to choose from. It’s not optimal that everything is handled by one heavy software. Instead, integrations ensure smooth transfer of information between applications. It saves both time and money, and it allows you to build the best platform suitable for your business’ needs. Koho PSA can be integrated with your favourite accounting solutions and other tools that suit your needs.

You can see below some of the tools with which Koho PSA already has a complete integration. We also have our own API (REST). If you can’t find the system you’re using in our list, please contact us for more information.

We’ll do our best to make Koho PSA work the best way for you!


Our current financial management integrations

CRM integrations

Project management, file management and ticketing systems 

Electronic signatures

BI- and other integrations 

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