Project Management tool for accounting firms

Yes, accounting firms do have projects (read our blog) and benefit greatly from a proper project management tool.

Koho PSA’s project management in a nutshell

Make project management effortless with Koho PSA’s project management tool. Monitor schedules of projects, follow resourcing and profitability. Hold the threads in your hands and manage the upcoming workload more efficiently.

One of the most common projects for accounting firms is customer onboarding. With Koho PSA’s project management tool, you’ll know exactly what to do and when and who’s in charge of each stage, and keep the client happy to be your customer.

For your convenience, Koho PSA has ready-made project templates specifically made for accounting firms’ needs.

What can be done with our project management tool?

You can also do complex project management with Koho PSA, and the cost stays low. We want to keep Koho PSA reasonably priced and make sure you get more than what you pay for.


Plan and budget

Create phases or subprojects required for projects, which you can budget and schedule individually as needed. Outline a project either in a tree view or as a visual GANTT chart or KANBAN view.

Create projects quickly

Set up a project based on a tender or using predefined templates. Setting up takes less than a minute – update when needed. You can also use a previous project as a basis for a new one.

Resource correctly

Koho PSA allows you to take advantage of a workload report and resource each project with the help of work time entries and assignments-lists. You’ll have the right people for the right task, and workload is split fairly.


If necessary, share a common collaboration space with your customer, where you can communicate about your project and share related files. You can also show your customer, e.g. information associated with the progress of the project.

Onboard customers successfully

Manage the first steps of a new customer account systematically with the help of a project plan. A proper onboarding project ensures, that all the right steps are taken at the right time, by the right person. A successful onboarding is the key to a long-lasting relationship.

Track and invoice

Information related to a project is linked together, and with the help of work requisitions, you can create an invoice with just one click. Monitoring and comparing project profitability, progress, and other key metrics are straightforward and up-to-date. Koho PSA gives you project-specific automatic invoice breakdowns.

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