Automate your accounting firm’s invoicing

Automated invoicing speeds up you company’s cash flow and reduces unnecessary manual work. Koho PSA has a vast variety of different invoicing methods and automations, tailored to fit accounting firms’ needs.

A PSA software or an invoicing software – how about both

Koho PSA lets you automatically create invoices based on work-time entries and contracts. The invoicing tool compiles data from accumulated hours and projects with a few clicks. Streamline your company’s billing and speed up your day to day activities with automated invoicing.

invoice software

Speed up cash flow with automated invoicing

Create invoices based on work time entries and contracts automatically, bill the time spent on tickets, make clear workflows and define billing-related rules with Koho PSA. Add separate items quickly to an invoice with the handy Sales-feature.

Koho PSA effortlessly collects working hours, expenses, products and recurring services for the invoice. All you have to do is to make your selections and send the invoices through your financial management software.

Invoices for deals won, work-time entries and contracts are just a click away. Sending invoices with Koho PSA is significantly faster compared to similar systems, which will help you to improve your company’s cash flow. Streamline your workflow and save time by agilely managing your customer base from the first contact to invoicing within one system.

Work orders remind you of to-dos and reduce errors

Work orders keep you on top of billable recurring work entities and their sub-tasks, so nothing is left undone or uninvoiced. Thanks to the efficient invoicing process, you also minimize the possibility of errors on invoices and free up your time for more productive work.

Creating invoices

From quotes and contracts

Invoice accepted tenders with one click. Automated invoicing allows you to create invoices from your contract portfolio according to set rules. The system makes sure that all invoices leave on time and that no typos occur.

From work time entries

Collect confirmed time entries into invoice rows quickly and simplify your work time invoicing significantly. All the data to be invoiced moves forward in the sales process, without the need to manually rewrite it in another software.

Transfer data to your financial management system

Ready invoices are transferred effortlessly from Koho PSA to your financial management system for submission.

Automatic intercompany billing

Koho PSA offers a convenient solution for businesses with multiple offices by enabling automatic intercompany billing. This eliminates the need for internal invoice transfers between offices, which is especially beneficial for companies with several locations. For instance, if a customer serviced by the Turku office requires work done by the Helsinki office, Koho PSA’s automatic invoicing system consolidates the charges onto a single invoice, eliminating the need for extra administrative tasks.



Pricing guide for accounting services

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Pricing guide for accounting firm services

Our pricing guide helps you to facilitate better pricing for your services. With the guide you’ll understand better different kinds of pricing and revenue models, and their special characteristics.

Download our guide and get practical tips for implementing pricing and production management at your accounting firm.

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