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Koho Sales Oy
Visiting address:
Lautatarhankatu 8 b
00580 Helsinki, Finland

Customer service
tel. +358 10 5262 600

Billing Address
Address: FI8312373000143054
Operator: Nordea (NDEAFIHH)

tel. +358 10 5262601

About us

Koho Sales Oy Ltd is a software company founded in 2014, and you can find our physical office in the exciting Kalasatama area in Helsinki. We develop and sell a cloud-based professional service automation software called Koho PSA. Our other products are the Collaboration Portal as well as Tuntikone for simple time tracking, which both can be included in Koho PSA. Our mission is to help our customers make their daily work more efficient and save time so they can focus on essential work.

In total, we have well over 10 000 users, of which over 6000 users are from the financial industry. We have the experience of training hundreds of businesses – every new customer will be trained to use Koho PSA the best way possible. Our software is constantly developed, largely based on our customer’s feedback. One of the main focus areas of Koho PSA is user-friendliness. We also are praised for giving excellent, proactive customer service.

We are a reliable (AA+ credit rating) Finnish company. Our servers are located in secure data centers in Finland which are run under the Finnish law.

Our team

Janne Salonkangas

Advisor, software developing

Petteri Kivimäki

Advisor, software developing

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