Deployment of Koho PSA

Each training session and meeting is held remotely so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. As long as you have a working internet connection and a computer, we can work together.

Smooth deployment to put your mind at ease

Are you worried, that it’ll be too cumbersome to start using Koho PSA? There’s absolutely no need to worry. We will make the entire deployment process as smooth as possible. Our dedicated team is there to help you and your colleagues along the way and beyond.

The deployment process is adjusted according to the size of your business, how widely the system will be used, and which things are most important to your organization. We want you to be able to fully utilize Koho PSA – and in order to do so, you’ll be trained accordingly.

We have the experience of  deploying Koho PSA to hundreds of customers, which has given us a vast know-how of the industry and best practices. Our team is proactive and eager to help you find the most useful practices for your company.

Smooth deployment

6 steps to full deployment


1. Initial call

  • Our project manager has a call with you to go through the specifics of how the deployment will be handled. Individual factors of your organization will be taken into account.
  • During the call, the you’ll be informed which documents, materials and information are needed for the deployment.
  • Date of the implementation will be agreed during the call.
  • The project manager will compile a summary of the required items and sample files provided.
  • You don’t need to worry about preparing for the call.

2. Creating a model account

  • We will create a functional account based on the submitted materials. The final configuration is done together with you during the administrator training.
  • Koho PSA’s project manager will provide you a participation link for each meeting or training in advance. The project manager ensures that you’re able to join each agreed training session.

-> Koho PSA’s expert builds an account for your company equipped with basic operating capabilities.

3. Main-user training

  • Operation of the system, settings and the tasks which the administrator is responsible for are thoroughly reviewed during the main-user training.
  • The training is structured to take into account your company’s needs and held in a discussion-like manner. This way your wishes concerning the way of operating the system can be fulfilled.

4. Creating activities

  • After the main-user training, a few days are set aside where you can – together with the project manager – create supervision activities/functions in the system.

5. Training of users

  • Once your company’s account is up and running, Koho PSA’s project manager trains your staff as agreed with the administrators.
  • After the training, Koho PSA is ready to be used!

6. Training invoicers and test phase

  • After the commissioning date, you and Koho PSA’s project manager will be able to test the integrations of sales invoicing and other agreed systems.
  • People in charge of invoicing in the company are also trained.

Training of users

We train new users in three different phases, without forgetting to take your businesses’ needs into account.

Main-user training

The main-user training covers the basic settings of Koho PSA. We have a look at the imported material and the basic tasks of the administrator, time tracking, work-time entry, work orders, project management, contracts and the invoicing process.

Work-time tracking -training

In the work-time tracking training, our consultant will instruct the personnel on how to monitor working time and record work hours.


Billing training

Billing training covers the processing of hours, contract invoicing and transferring data to a financial management system.


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