Manage accounting work requests with ticketing

Ticketing is another puzzle piece you can add to Koho PSA in order to manage your company’s work requests in one centralized system. Manage communication with your clients efficiently and make sure, that everything gets done.

Ticketing takes your customer service and work management to a new level

With ticketing, customers can send work requests straight into your specialist’s work list, either through the collaboration Portal or via email. Ticketing enables better customer communication by focusing it within one interconnected tool and making sure, that every request is cleared.



  • Receive tickets through email or the Portal
  • Ticketing comes with SLA Management
  • Track and measure response and resolve times against your SLA
  • Set up responses and the timeline when the ticket needs to be resolved
  • Monitor how your team stays on schedule
  • Ready-made responses – save replies to frequent tickets and use them later
  • Track and bill time used on processing tickets
  • Supervise important tickets and receive notifications on any events regarding the ticket
  • Configure and save the order in which tickets are shown to you

Why is ticketing beneficial?

Better customer communication

Stay on track with what your customer is talking about by quickly checking the previously sent tickets. Especially when filling in for your colleague, it is important be aware of what has been previously discussed.

Prioritize tasks

When using only email, older messages often get forgotten and are left unresolved. Ticketing provides an easy overview of the status of your tasks and thus helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Track & invoice

Track how well employees stay on schedule, processing time of a ticket, and when tickets are late.

You can also track the time spent on a ticket and turn it directly into an invoice.


If the designated person can’t handle a ticket for some reason, it’s not a problem. You can easily share tickets to other employees. This way messages sent by customers are not left in absent employees’ mailboxes unattended.



Available in the Business+ package
  • SLA-management
  • Business hours
  • Automatic responses
  • Timing
  • Mass editing of tickets
  • Email notifications
  • Track tickets and get notified of changes and progression

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Koho PSA’s ticketing helps my work management tangibly. Customer communication doesn’t get mixed up with my personal messages and newsletters in my mailbox, and I get work done more efficiently.

Also, no work time is wasted by looking for important customer messages.

– Jukka-Pekka Inkinen, Finansio

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