Features & tools for accounting practice management

Koho PSA has all you need to successfully manage your accounting business.






Combine your tasks, employees and leadership in one software

Speed up your sales cycle with Koho PSA and make managing your company effortless. With Koho PSA, you’ll easily monitor tasks and employee load, track time, invoice and collaborate. We’ve explained all the versatile features in more detail. Have a look!

Suitable for both large and small companies – Koho PSA makes your processes more efficient

Saving time is one of the biggest challenges of all types of businesses, and we are experts in cutting the time needed for manual work. No matter what size your company is, we can scale Koho PSA to the scope of your business and you’ll find benefits that you didn’t even think to ask for.

Declutter processes and increase your profitability

Koho PSA declutters your business processes: you can find all your most important tools in one platform and centralize functions. As all your employees are using the same system, collaboration and making profitable business is easier. Continuous monitoring and real-time data is essential for increasing profitability. You can effortlessly track sales performance and forecasts, work progress and profitability, and take care of invoicing without a hassle.


“Thanks to Koho PSA, work is more organized nowadays. There is no need to burden your memory with unnecessary things and deadlines because Koho PSA reminds you of what to do and when. All work gets done and also in a more organized way. We have been particularly pleased with the service received from Koho PSA and the prompt response time to all our questions.”

– Salla Saarinen, Tilihalme Oy, accounting firm in Liittoinen, Finland

Developed for accounting firms

Koho PSA is made to improve the daily life of accounting firms. Many financial management companies struggle to manage a vast array of tasks in limited time while juggling multiple dated tools separately. When you have too many balls in the air, you can easily make some errors which could lose you money. Koho PSA takes into notice the special kind of work processes that accounting firms have and clarifies even the most complicated ones. Thanks to a variety of integrations, you’ll minimize manual work and reduce errors.

Koho PSA is also great for projects
With Koho PSA you can create a project in under a minute and conveniently break the project down to subprojects or tasks. You can also make a budget and schedule for the project.

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