Accuracy for Tilihalme Oy’s accounting work with task management

Task management improved Tilihalme's accounting processes.

Salla Saarinen works as a KHT-accountant at Tilihalme. She’s been with the company her father founded in 1987 for over five years. Tilihalme Oy offers a variety of accounting and auditing services, mainly around northeast Finland. This family company is going through a generational handover, and as a future entrepreneur, Saarinen is active in developing Tilihalme’s functions. Saarinen heard about Koho PSA from her partner. Based on recommendations they made the decision to start using Koho PSA in August 2015.

Task management brought more accurate accounting processes

Tilihalme’s whole personnel has used Koho PSA from day one. Their aim was to have their work more organized. According to Saarinen, task management brought accuracy and systemized processes to daily accounting work. “Thanks to Koho PSA, our work is nowadays well organized. We don’t need to overload our memory with unnecessary things and deadlines. Koho PSA reminds us what to do and when. All work gets done, and working in general is more systemized”, Saarinen describes.

All employees can see their weekly tasks from task management, which makes work planning easier, for example. You can check from one place whether all the tasks are done. “How did we manage before Koho PSA, we often wonder aloud! We clearly made a good decision. Our company benefits from it both on process level and organizing all functions”, says Sanna.

Help for covering work during holidays

When an employee is on their holiday, filling in for them is not a problem. The person covering for them can easily check from Koho PSA’s task management, what kind of work their colleague has. This helps to avoid all the holiday briefings and separately made work lists. “Employees can leave for their holidays with good conscience, as their work gets done also when they’re absent”, tells Sanna.

Accuracy for sales invoicing

In addition to task management, Tilihalme actively uses Koho PSA’s work time tracking, which functions as a timecard. “We aim to track all time used for each customers as well as possible. This makes our work efforts more profitable. At the same time, it’s easy to track our employees’ flexitime.”

According to Saarinen, also invoicing is now more effortless and accurate. The accountants track each hour they use for a customer in work time tracking, which is always open on the side. Switching to another customer and start tracking hours for them is easy. “Thanks to Koho PSA, we don’t need to have a search party for the hours used for a certain customer. We can be sure that all our work is also invoiced”, tells Saarinen.

Even though Tilihalme is not yet actively using all of Koho PSA’s reporting options, invoicing is more accurate with the system. The pricing of fixed-price contracts is easy to track in Koho PSA and the invoicing process is effortless. It’s easy to check contract information if needed, as all the data is in one place.

Forward in collaboration

“We are especially happy with Koho PSA’s service and response time with all our questions. Also the deployment was successful and our personnel quickly took Koho PSA as a part of their daily work. Koho PSA’s representatives always receive and answer to our development ideas well”, tells Saarinen.

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