Mediatili improved their accounting work tracking and appreciates Koho PSA’s excellent customer service

Mediatili Oy, a full-service accounting firm operating in Finland, is a customer-centered company of professionals. They are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge, growing, and learning new things. At the moment, they have about 35 Koho PSA users. They were initially looking for a solution that would improve their accounting work time tracking. They received a lot more.

Mediatili onboarded Koho PSA already about 6 years ago. They have been happy evangelists ever since. Sanna Metsänoro, the CEO of Mediatili, is especially delighted by Koho PSA’s customer service as they receive help in no time. Also their improvement ideas, such as custom reports, have been noted well. This makes a great base for a long collaboration.

The aim was to improve the tracking of accounting work – a lot more improved

Metsänoro remembers hearing about Koho PSA the first time at the Summer retreat of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. They were looking for a solution to help with customer work time entries. The system they were using before had no work clock at all. Thus, the tracking of accounting work was marked according to each employee’s own estimate. In the final system evaluation there were three options. The actual, heavy users of Mediatili got to influence the decision. In the end, they chose Koho PSA as the best option for their use.

“The best features of Koho PSA for us are the easy work time entries, effortless contract invoicing, and the timely flexitime tracking”, tells Metsänoro.

Excellent deployment process

Koho PSA’s deployment went smoothly also in Mediatili’s case, thanks to the well-planned process. According to Metsänoro, transferring their customers and products went very well. Also the training executed by Koho PSA’s project manager was excellent. Nevertheless, new systems often require users to adopt new ways of working, which can be challenging. In the beginning Mediatili made a bit too complicated work processes. One example was their unnecessarily detailed work time codes.

The people behind Koho PSA listen carefully to customers’ wishes and, where practicable, make them happen agilely. Compared to other operators in the industry, Koho PSA can be tailored to a fairly great extent according to customers and customer groups. The customer service responds well and they’re quick to act.

Mediatili’s invoicing cycle sped up and profitability tracking clarified

Metsänoro states, that using Koho PSA e.g. sped up their invoicing cycle. It also clarified the tracking of profitability – both by customer and employee. This helped to tackle anomalies, and in general to see that those exist.

As a whole, Metsänoro gives 10+ for Koho PSA. She keeps on recommending the system for multiple colleagues, of which some have already become Koho PSA users.

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