Ticketing helps Finansio in managing accounting work

Finansio gets help from ticketing in their accounting work

Using Koho PSA solved Finansio‘s challenges in work management and invoicing. “The greatest relief that came with Koho PSA is the fact that I can do a month’s worth of invoicing in under 5 minutes. And also, ticketing is a great help in keeping all our accounting tasks in order.”, tells Finansio Oy‘s enterpreneur, Jukka-Pekka Inkinen.

Inkinen’s, and such Finansio’s passion is to develop modern financial services. They also aim to help their customers to make better decisions and develop their business. It is important for Finansio, that an entrepreneur can focus in their own core functions, while Finansio supports their success with proper financial advisory.

”Koho PSA’s ticketing helps in my accounting work management tangibly. Customer communication doesn’t get mixed up with my personal messages and newsletters in my mailbox, and I get work done more efficiently. Also, no work time is wasted by looking for important customer messages.”

Finansio ended up choosing Koho PSA as Inkinen had good experiences when using it before. Koho PSA makes the everyday life easier for both the entrepreneur and their employees.

“Doing business with Koho PSA has always been flexible. A one person accounting firm has been just as important for them as a major one.”, says Inkinen.

”I recommend Koho PSA, because it saves time from administrative work for actual business operations. Or for leisure, for that matter.”, ends Inkinen.

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